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    Playing Angry Birds on a second generation iPad with a cracked screen, I found the sullen hacker that was my guide in Las Vegas. He looked like a brony with a gluten allergy.  "Come on," I barked, "get up." He looked over the swollen lids of his eyes. He seemed to want to say something but got distracted by the scream of a bird he flicked across the screen. "What’s the WIFI password in this dump?" I asked.  "Guest123" the brony mumbled.  "Seriously? I’m at a hotel hosting a major tech conference with a password like that? I wouldn’t connect to that hornet’s nest with my worst enemy’s Blackberry." I snatched the iPad from his hands. His swollen, greasy fingers didn’t have a chance to challenge me. I opened Safari and was greeted with a hundred tabs of ads for shitty apps. “Jesus.” I thought, “I asked for a hacker and they send this noob.” 

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  2. Correspondingly, (car z) is defined to be the Saviour of the world. (Source: kingjamesprogramming)

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When the last guy tells me, “I back up the databases myself each morning.”

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  9. Coursera Blog: Not Impossible: The Story of Daniel, a 17 Year Old with Severe Autism & His 6 Completed Coursera Courses


    This is a post by Michael, Daniel’s father. Daniel is a 17 year old who has severe Autism. Daniel has, over the past year, taken and completed 6 Coursera courses. Their journey warmed our hearts and we asked Michael to share it with the Coursera community. We hope you enjoy Daniel’s story as much…

    10 months ago
  10. What the Fuck is Brendan Byrne Doing?: Etsy accused me of not assembling my synths by hand, demanded photos, and shutdown my shop (1/2)


    I’ve managed a shop on Etsy for the past 5 months selling electronic devices and synthesizers. I recently resigned from my job to pursue electronics design and fabrication.

    Two days ago, my shop was unexpectedly CLOSED and I received an email stating that there was suspicion that I hadn’t…

    11 months ago